I miss blogging

Hi homies,

It’s been a long time.

The massive length of my blogging absence is best illustrated by reading my last post. It’s about a new show that had just begun premiering on HBO called Girls. Lol.

For a while now, I’ve been feeling the itch to start blogging again. I initially started this weirdo little site as a school assignment, back when journalism was new to me, but high and low pop culture remained a burning passion, similar to my love of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Cops. It became an important outlet for this once-young person, one that allowed me to explore writing and form and people’s tolerance for references to washed-up’90s standup comedians — all valuable lessons.

But like time has a habit of doing, I lost space in my life to keep up with this. I became a real-life journalist, one who gets paid cash money for her work. I moved all around the country to get that paper. And while things have changed, and some things have stayed the same, the blog-shaped hole in my creative life remains a constant.

So here I am, four years later — (fuck, I’m old) — returning to a little corner of the Internet that once gave me a lot of joy. I hope it gave you a bit too. So this is me, firing this weirdo little site back up again. I hope those who still subscribe to this won’t be too startled, and I hope you’ll keep reading.

I can’t guarantee they’ll be super regular posts, but I can guarantee there will be cat pictures.