Gossip Girl Celebrates 100th Episode

Sigh, how time has flown. I remember being in the 9th grade, and being referred by my friend Shayna to a series of trashy teen novels; (visit her beauty blog here). It had everything I wasn’t’ supposed to be reading about: sex, drugs, and elitism. It was a glorious trio. Needless to say that book series was Gossip Girl.

Fast-forward to 2007: the CW premiered a series adaptation of Gossip Girl starring fresh-faced Abercrombie models dressed in Proenza Schouler. It started off so wonderful with a bevy of headbands and simulated nude scenes. For a good season and a half, it was a heavenly 60 minute block of television.

Of course, like any indulgent series that starts off amazing, it eventually got terrible. So much exposition! So many ridiculous plot points! So many scenes where Nate is clothed! Somehow, the venerable teen dramedy has staggered through to its 100th episode, airing tonight at 8 pm on the CW. The special episode will finally bring us Blair’s royal wedding to Prince Louis. Of course, she is only marrying him because she believes that if she doesn’t, God will kill her true love Chuck. No I’m not kidding. Also, there is going to be some sort of Madonna Material Girl scene starring Serena and her twin orbs of suspended reality. Again, not kidding. Oh, and Mayor Bloomberg has named January 26th Gossip Girl Day. Seriously, not kidding.

For my own personal celebration, I am going to be ranking the 5 best things Gossip Girl moments. You’ll notice that they’re entirely from the first two seasons, and that’s how I like it. Enjoy!

5. Blair Takes Down Georgina

I’ll go ahead and immediately apologize for this countdown being very Blair-centric. What can I say? She’s the best and now the only good thing about this series. This little gem came in the Season 1 finale: Much I Do About Nothing. That crazy train Georgina had been taking on duel identities to expose a secret that would ruin Serena’s life. Blair, being the defender of the galaxy, put a stop to all of that. Yep, it was great.


4. Serena Gets Her Bitch On

Let’s face it, Serena’s a pretty blah character. She spends most of this series tossing her hair, mumbling dialogue as if she just got her wisdom teeth removed, and flip-flopping on whether to date unavailable men. Yawn. But there was a brief window within season 2 where she got interesting. The blonde ignoramus decided to make a play for Queen of Constance, while making friends with NY socialites. Good tv.

3. Chuck Rejects Blair

Chuck and Blair are without a doubt the best relationship of this show. Although they have some pretty romantic moments, they have some pretty heartbreaking ones too. This one really sticks out as the ultimate bitch slap of the series. Don’t hate. He’s Chuck Bass.

2. The Love Triangle That Started It All

When watching the pilot episode for Gossip Girl in ’07, there was a moment that I knew the show was ‘good bad’, as opposed to just plain bad. It happened during a particular montage, one that detailed the love triangle that would propel the series for the next five seasons to come. The scene strikes the perfect balance between intrigue, provocativeness, and genuine tragedy. This is a balance the series has struggled horridly to maintain over the last few seasons. Lest we forget.

1. Chair

The couple that no one saw coming bloomed in the back of a limo. Fresh off of a traumatizing breakup with the walking cheekbone Nate, Blair runs to Chuck’s newly purchased burlesque club, (what? lots of 16 year olds own burlesque clubs), promptly strips to her slip and performs a freeing little number. A headband-wearing star is born, and so is one of the most pleasing television couples of our time.


What are your favourite Gossip Girl moments? Share them all in the comment section.


2 comments on “Gossip Girl Celebrates 100th Episode

  1. Lauren Best says:

    ahhh i love love love this 🙂

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