Oscar Snubs and Shocks

Now that the dust has settled around the 2011 Academy Award nominees, it’s time to dig deep into who got the big shaft from the uppety Academy voters, and who got some surprising love.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

(in Swedish accent) “ZSat blows”

Shut out almost entirely in the major categories, save for Rooney Mara’s Best Actress nomination, the David Fincher adaptation was left with a respectable five nominations, mostly for technical honours. Still, Scott Rudin won’t be able to look Harvey Weinstein in the eye for at least two months of red carpets.

Albert Brooks in Drive

“Say what?”

Coming off the heels of a loss at the Golden Globes for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama, Brooks got the complete shaft from an Oscar nom. Pretty shocking, considering critics have been calling his gritty performance in Drive the best of his career. It’s okay, Brooks. Your life was pretty much completed when you found Nemo. No big.

I’m not the only one who liked The Tree Of Life 

“Really? Even I didn’t know what the eff was going on.”

Apparently, me and the geriatric Academy voters are on the same page, and not just in our love for Dr. Scholl’s inserts. Terrence Malick’s love it or hate it 3 hour creation epic, complete with dinosaurs, received two shocking nominations: Best Picture and Best Director. I can neither confirm nor deny that I did an MC Hammer happy dance as I streamed the nominations live from my school’s cafeteria. Score one Tree of Life, lose one Katherine.

No Love for Leo

“But I put on this bald cap.”

No amount of prosthetic jowls or gay sexual tension could earn Leo an Oscar nom for his work in J. Edgar. Worse, the by-the-book biopic was shut out of nominations completely. I’m sure Leo is currently on a yacht, weeping into the bosom of whichever Victoria’s Secret model he’s currently accessorized himself with. I feel quite sorry for him.

No to Tintin, Yes to Real Steel? Le quoi?

“But I put on those CGI things all over my body”

Spielberg’s CGI’d The Adventures of Tintin got shut out, while freaking Real Steal got a nod for Best Visual Effects. This whole thing just proves that the Academy have a sense of humour after all. Just ask Eddie Murphy.

Eff yeah Bridesmaids!

“Those unflattering trousers were not worn in vain!”

Omg women are funny? Who knew? Apparently the Academy does, as they put the raunchy chick comedy up for two big awards: Best Supporting Actress for Melissa McCarthy and Best Original Screenplay for Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo. Here’s to countless more cinematic masterpieces in which women shit in the middle of the street.

A Triple Gosling Snub

That poor, sexy, sexy man’s three-peat performances in The Ides of March, Crazy Stupid Love, and Drive were all passed up for nominations. Pretty harsh, considering Gosling was double-nominated at this year’s Golden Globes. It’s cool, though. He’s still a winner thanks to a certain viral video and his aggressive pectorals.

Were there any snubs I missed? Was there a better “Hey Girl” Gosling shot I could have used? Start the convo in the comments section.


5 comments on “Oscar Snubs and Shocks

  1. Charlie Eff says:

    Katherine I could not agree with you more! One of my favorite directors is David Fincher and while GWTDT is not his best movie it was amazing. Way way better than the over rated Moneyball. I have to say this is one of the worst Oscars lists in years. I hate how the Oscars love anything Clooney and Pitt touch. A nom for Michelle Williams (for the 1000 time) and not one for Leo? His performance destroyed hers! All I can say is in the last 5 years I am definitely seeing the Golden Globes as more of an honor that the Oscars. Real Steel over Tin Tin? Enough said!

  2. Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no.

    This was going to be Gosling’s year. What happened?

    I loved Tree of Life, and Midnight in Paris, though. So those will be the ones I root for.

    • Katherine says:

      I think the Academy just felt alienated by Gosling’s collection of muscle shirts. Fair enough.

      • Like I was saying this morning – also, when will it be Alexander Skarsgaard’s moment? I’m glad he’s been pulled into the spotlight through True Blood (Straw Dogs, Melancholia – which really showed he’s more than just a ‘bad guy’ character)

        Sometimes I wonder if the people who decide what gets nominated even watch the movies. When Dakota Fanning was 15, she was a judge for the Oscars, and talked about how hard/fun it was to sit down and watch all the films (over and over again, depending on which category they’re nominated for)

        I don’t know.

        And like I said before, also, the foreign films category is wayyyy too small. So many good films come from outside the U.S.

  3. Katherine says:


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