Buckle Up

Happy New Year to my captive audience of five. Please excuse my absence, as I have been in Jamaica eating jerk chicken whilst being told my hair and skin are as “red as a Jamaican sunset”. I plan to have this sentiment inscribed on my tombstone.

I come back to you in the throws of awards season. This sunday, the 15th, are the Golden Globe Awards, aka the everyone who’s rocked the cover of Us Weekly gets a nomination awards. Nevertheless, I will be watching, snarking, and blogging about it. Stay tuned.

I will also be stepping up my reviews again. I still have the masochistic goal of reviewing every Oscar movie before the telecast airs on February 26. I’m about halfway there. Pray for me.

As you can imagine, January-February is going to get cray cray. All the contenders will be carpet banging at all the minor awards shows to try and get some buzz going for their performances. I look forward to two months full of acceptance speeches, hoop skirts, and nervous publicists. Follow it all here, and I’ll be dissecting every Weinstein, Rudin, and Coen, every gown, and every awkward interview with Billy Bush. I hope I will become your #1 source for all your awards season news and gossip. Also, for the best skin tips for girls prone to anxiety attacks. Get excited.

What have been your favourite Oscar-worthy movies? Who do you hope takes home the gold this Sunday? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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