My Oscar Mission

In case you haven’t noticed, (or are one of the billions who have yet to read this horrifying blog), the awards season is a little bit like crack to me. I get obsessed with seeing every movie that’s nominated, (even the foreign ones. Yeah, I’m that pretentious). I get way too emotionally involved with the Oscar narrative and end up on mood stabilizers after the ceremony inevitably lets me down; (not really, but it’s been highly recommended by many). Then there’s a withdrawal period: cold sweats, mumbling acceptance speeches erratically, cursing Tyler Perry movie trailers that litter the post-Oscar quality movie draught. It’s just a mess. I recommend staying away.

Anyway, my mission this year is to not just to see every movie, (cause please, that’s not a challenge. I do it every year – my god I’m the worst). But this year, I’m going to try and review each one and provide an awards season play by play for you, my faithful readership (i.e. Dad). This has already been going on for a while now; please see my past reviews for The Help, The Ides of March, The Tree of Life, J. Edgar, Like Crazy, My Week With Marilyn, The Descendants, and Melancholia. By my count, I still have about 25 movies to see. Pray for me.

I hope that my obnoxious blog will become your source for all things awards season. I’ll be keeping close tabs on the race, recapping nominations and wins that lead up to O day, and during my Oscar hangover, as I cry for my precious The Tree Of Life that won nothing, I will be giving you the whole Oscar telecast play by play. Yeah, it’s going to get craaazy; that is, if you find Harvey Weinstein and In Memorium montages to be wild. I do, for the record. See above, re. crack.

So in the mean time, stay tuned. Golden Globes, a.k.a. the everybody and their dog gets a nomination awards, will be announcing their nominations on Thursday (Dec 15th). I’ll be recapping it and every tidbit of awards season fun from now until February 26, 2012. My Dad is psyched.

Are you excited for awards season? What have been your favorite movies of 2011? Was it a Tyler Perry Movie? Please leave. Jk. Comment.


4 comments on “My Oscar Mission

  1. Grace Budoloski says:


    -from your cousin. starts with a g, ends with an i

  2. What’s pretentious about wanting to see the foreign films? Those are the best ones!

    Last year’s foreign films nominated were fantastic (I’d highly recommend seeing Dogtooth, and Incendies if you have time.)

    BUT – I was super disappointed that one of my favourite films of the year – France’s Of Gods and Men, was not even nominated.

    The film is almost completely silent (because it’s about monks who live on a monastery) – there’s no music, except for the monk’s chanting, and one song (that is actually being played on a CD played in the movie) – it takes a lot of patience to watch, but it definitely pulls the heartstrings, and leaves a powerful impression, through it’s beautiful shots, and eerie silence.

    … What I’m trying to say is – they need to expand the foreign films category! There’s so many great films coming in from all over the world that people never end up seeing..!

    • Katherine says:

      Could not agree with you more, Lauren. Of Gods and Men was fantastic and indeed robbed. A lot of people, however, think the addition of subtitles in films makes them boring and that the people who enjoy them are pretentious. They should expand the Best Foreign Film category to 10 spots and revert to the old 5 spot Best Picture nominations. The 10 allowed “The Blind Side” to get a nomination for Best Picture. Enough said.

      • Ah. Yes. I saw ‘The Blind Side’ – I thought it was going to be great and gritty (a la Precious) – but was thoroughly let down by a certain squinty-eyed actress who should stick to fun roles (I loved Miss Congeniality!)

        Also. I didn’t mention this in my last comment – but I love that you loved Tree of Life!! I went by myself because I think people have certain expectations of what a movie is going to be when there’s big name Hollywood Actors – and would have been really confused/turned off by the Creation of the Universe/Dinosaur Humanity scene…

        You and I should get hired by the Academy to do some research samples for the Academy to see if there’s more people who agree with us about the structure of the Oscars – mmhmm!

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