Stop the Presses – “Newsies” Heads to Broadway

I could not have been more thrilled when, about a month ago, it was announced that Disney would be bringing their staged version of Newsies to Broadway in May 2012.

For those not familiar with the original 1992 film version, I suggest you rent it. If not for the selection of newsboy caps, then for a young Christian Bale who sings, dances, and does not even seem capable of this;

When originally released, Newsies was a box office flop, taking home terrible reviews and just under $3 million at the box office; small potatas’ in the film industry (author’s note: ‘potatas’ is to be read in a Brooklyn, New York accent, reminiscent of the setting of the film. I know, I’m so clever.)

Since its poor standings in theatres, Newsies has gone on to be a cult classic and even served as a vehicle for the chapter in Christian Bale’s career that I like to call “Christian Bale wears a vest” (see Swing Kids and Little Women). They were good times.

I hope I am lucky enough to see the Harvey Fierstein produced stage recreation when it opens in New York in March. Until then, I always have this:

Did you see “Newsies”? Do you like Christian Bale in a vest? Comment!


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