Jessica Chastain: Hollywood’s Busiest Actor

A la Kate Winslet in 2008, Jessica Chastain’s becoming this year’s Oscar overachiever. She’s the one who goes “oh that little film I’m in is getting Oscar buzz, too? How nice!”. But seriously, with roles in the critically acclaimed The Help, The Tree of Life, and Take Shelter, this year’s Best Actress race might be between Jessica Chastain, Jessica Chastain, and Jessica Chastain.

“What’s that? I was the only good thing about The Help? Oh, you’re so silly!”

Juiliard educated, Chastain is the daughter of a vegan chef and a firefighter. Chastain is also a vegan, herself. Of course she is.

“Look at me being so indy and confusing in The Tree of Life. Look, there’s a dinosaur! Good times.”

Chastain is soon to be seen in Pacino’s “Silome”. Pacino  hand-picked the ginger wonder and recommended her to Terrence Mallick for the worlds most confusing movie about space and Brad Pitt: The Tree of Life.

“Look at me here with that underrated Michael Shannon in Take Shelter. He totes should have won for Revolutionary Road in ’08. Next time, Shannon!”

All snark aside, (well some snark aside), Chastain has had a tremendous year. Her success is well-deserved. You get yours, Chastain.


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