Into the Abyss

Littered amongst all of the Oscar film-hopefuls that I will be watching before the big day, there is one trailer that has gotten me the most excited. “Into the Abyss” directed by Werner Herzog, documentary wunderkind, shows a glimpse into the life of death row inmate Michael Perry, and his accomplice Jason Burkett, who received a life sentence. The pair was convicted of a triple homicide when attempting to steal a car.

From the trailer, the film could be accused of favoring an anti-death penalty stance. But from all the reviews I have read, Herzog is absolutely celebrated as having created a mesmerizingly unbiased and even film. The death penalty is a sticky, tricky, awful thing to talk about, and I can’t wait to see how Herzog starts the conversation.

“Into the Abyss” opens in limited release Nov 11, 2011. Will you be seeing it? What do you think of the trailer? Comment, comment, comment!


One comment on “Into the Abyss

  1. Tracey Seida says:

    Interesting premise – I hope you review the film on your blog.

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