There’s No Crying In Baseball

Seriously, how good is “A League Of Their Own”? I mean really, I’ve seen it a million times on tv, usually on TBS, I mean Peach Tree TV (ugh), and I just never get sick of it.

 In what other movie will you find Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, Jon Lovitz, Garry Marshall (whose sister directed), and a young, hunky Bill Pullman? The cast is beyond, and the story warms my heart. It makes me want to get up and like hit a ball with a bat, or something. You know, instead of sitting around in my pajamas eating a family sized bag of Tootsie Rolls . . . what? I’m totally not doing that right now.

Made in 1992 and directed by Penny Marshall, “A League Of Their Own” tells the story of an all women’s baseball team, The Rockford Peaches, during WWII. Sisters Dottie (Davis) and Kit Hinson (Lori Petty), whose husbands are serving overseas, make the team, abandon the dairy farm, and head out on the road. Hanks plays their coach, Jimmy Duggan, a former slugger with the Cubs, who now has a drinking problem and a studdly chip on his shoulder. It disturbs me to this day how attracted I am to that character. I just wish Duggan would cuss me out with that whiskey breath, just once. And if he spit chewing tobacco at me too? Hubba hubba.

Anyway, this movie’s a gem for a reason, and not just because it brought us the unlikely friendship of Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna, (it’s weird, right?)

I suggest renting it, or watching it on tv, (as it is now the laws of physics that it will be on at some point this weekend). If you’ve already seen it, give it another go. You’ll enjoy watching hilarious scenes like this one a second time around.


2 comments on “There’s No Crying In Baseball

  1. Suzy Bod says:

    Honestly-one of my fave movies of all time. Seriously-that lineup? (pun intended) Madonna?! Geena Davis? Rosie? Woww-eee.

  2. Emily Doer says:

    haha suzy I love your intended pun and totally agree! such a classic! So jealous that I actually saw girls dressed up as the Rockford Peaches this year for Halloween and that I wasn’t in on it with them! What do you say year we go as the Peaches or even the Racine Belles! lol

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