Wasabi and Why I Won’t Go for Half-Priced Sushi with You

For me, cheap sushi just isn’t worth it. Call me a food snob, (which I totally am), but I just feel like you can taste the 5¢ rice rapped around the week old salmon. I just can’t make the sacrifice to save my, ok my Dad’s bank account,  $3 a roll. Sorry, Winnipeg. I know you probably can’t dig it.

I always feel terrible when I meet a new friend, one who doesn’t know what a world class jerk I am yet, and they tell me about “this amazingly cheap sushi place that I love”. I used to go along with it, choking down the vinegary tasting rice and the questionable sashimi. But now, I’ve just stopped giving in. I make up an excuse to avoid doing dinner, or I tell them  that “I’m not in the mood for sushi”, which is a total lie.  Anyone who knows me would call BS on that line right away, as to me, there is no such thing as not being in the mood for sushi. It’s like not being in the mood for solving world hunger or cheese-flavored popcorn: that never happens!

My favorite sushi place in the city is Wasabi. To me, it’s just the gold-standard of Winnipeg sushi. Everything, from the decor to the fish’s freshness to the service, is impeccable. Some people will disagree with me. Other notable sushi joints in Winnipeg are Kenko, Edohei, and Asahi. They are also excellent and very comparable.

I went last week with my friend Sam, and then again with my friend Brittany, and then I did a takeout order. (I know I have a problem, ok? Get off my back , Dad, and put the Visa bill down!) We had a great meal and I urge sushi fans out there to go there and  treat themselves.

Sam with her Crazy 88 roll

Wasabi has three locations; Osborne, Broadway, and Taylor. My personal favorite is the Taylor restaurant, called “Wasabi Sabi”. It has a slightly more upscale atmosphere than the other two. The original location, Broadway, is warm and sophisticated, without the pretension of the Taylor version. The Osborne location is trendy, minimalist, and dark. Not my favorite, but perfect for the village and will still serve me my favorite rolls without openly gaping at my gluttonous order. This is very much appreciated. They will, however, give you extra pairs of chopsticks when you do a takeout order, as they assume the disgustingly huge amount of food must be for a party of 12. It cuts deep, Wasabi. Cuts soooo deep.

Tiger Roll and Vegetarian Caterpillar Roll

My favorite rolls are;

1) Tiger – Cucumber, avocado, and sesame seeds, with cooked shrimp on top and  drizzled with special sauce.

2) Vegetarian Caterpillar – Tempura yam and cucumber inside with avocado on the outside, drizzled with sweet sauce & sesame seeds on top.

3) Wasabi Tempura Roll – Crabmeat and shrimp with avocado, tobiko, mango & soy bean, with a light crispy tempura finish drizzled with spicy sesame sauce.

4) White Dynamite Roll – Tempura shrimp, avocado, spicy mayo, tobiko, sesame seeds and sprouts wrapped in a thin radish crepe.

5) E Carriere Roll – Chopped scallops, tobiko and mayo topped with red tuna and salmon

Sabi Sashimi

The hot items are also not to be missed and the sashimi is beyond. I recommend the Yuzu Truffle Butterfish, the Tuna Tataki, and the Grilled Lambchops. If you can bankroll it, you should try a bit of everything. I will be doing this when I marry rich. Just kidding, I think.

Goma Ae – (Tuna Goma Ae is also delicious)

I understand some of the prices can troublesome for people and that’s a valid complaint. But in my eyes, and these are eyes that have little comprehension of money, it’s worth it  to pay the few extra dollars to have fresher fish and a waiter that won’t roll their eyes when you order another round.

What’s your favorite sushi in the city? Do you hate sushi? Will you never invite me for sushi again? Share your thoughts below!


6 comments on “Wasabi and Why I Won’t Go for Half-Priced Sushi with You

  1. Allison says:

    I am soo hungry for sushi now

  2. Thanks for sharing your well-expressed opinion of the sushi! I think I went to the location on Osborne (can’t quite remember the name of the place, but it was dark and I believe right next to the Second Cup).
    I’ll say first that I like sushi, but I had a really hard time at this restaurant because it felt like some sort of exclusive club. I don’t know much about sushi and I felt awkward asking my friends about every single item on the menu. This was my biggest complaint (and I realize that it’s partly my fault, but I don’t know if you should feel like you have to do research before you go out to eat).
    The prices are a bit unfortunate, but I agree that if it’s good, it’s worth it. (Although I won’t be going there anytime soon, because student + mortgage = no sushi.)
    In conclusion, I think I’d be more likely to try again if there was a way to feel less out-of-place. And when I have some cash!
    What do you think? Clearly you’re much more of a sushi expert, and I did appreciate your pictures!

    • Katherine says:

      If you’re talking about the sushi restaurant that’s in the same building as Second Cup on river, think you’re talking about Meiji. But it is similar in vibe. The service there is very speedy.

  3. How about the caterpillar roll at Blufish?

  4. kipress says:

    I like the look of that Vegetarian Caterpillar! My neighbourhood is full of sushi places for some reason. One at the end of my street had a breakfast menu for a while. I tried it once but I just wasn’t in the mood for miso soup at 7 a.m.

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