It’s #FF (follow friday) and I have a few recommendations;

1) @katherinemdow (Yeah, that’s right. Follow me immediately)

Why you should follow: I often tweet about kittens. Oh, I’ll also update you as to when I put up my newest blog entry.

All Star Tweet: “@pauloguzzi @MicheleBachmann @Sn00ki – You make me lolz”


Why you should follow: If you like my snarky yet academic take on pop culture, these guys wrote the book.

All Star Tweet:  “fallacies re: Mel Gibson’s Judah Maccabee film. That it’s tentatively titled ‘Dirty  Hanukkah Harry’ not one of them:


Why you should follow: He’ll give you a good LOL. Let’s be honest, we could all use a few of those on our feeds.

All Star Tweet: “Sorry @AndersonCooper, but as long as there is blood in my scalp, my hair shall defeat yours. (Maniacal laughter)”

I’m still uncomfortable in the Twitterverse. But having these people on my feed makes following fun. Oh and when I say following, I don’t mean in the same way that I followed Kirstie Alley all day when she was filming a movie on my street, (call me Kirstie! You rocked DWTS!) Anyway, if you’re a new tweeter, like myself, and could use some interesting, fun, insightful tweets, I’d seriously consider adding these folks, especially me.

Kisses and judgement,


P.S. I love kittens


2 comments on “Twits

  1. Melanie Lee Lockhart says:

    A good mix of professional, educational, friendly and entertaining follows makes your Twitter stream endlessly interesting. Sometimes a good laugh is exactly what you need, and (for me, at least) Twitter is a great place to find it!

  2. Grace Budoloski says:

    That’s such a cuty patuti kitten!

    -Your 12 year old cousin, Starts with a G ends in an e.

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